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The difference between FSC whiteboard paper and coated paper
2019-03-12 15:51
Usually FSC whiteboard paper is harder and thicker than white cardboard, while white cardboard has a smoother surface and smoother and whiter on both sides, while FSC whiteboard is a white smooth, grayish rough side.

White cardboard has higher stiffness and better resistance to breakage and smoothness. The paper is flat, the appearance is neat, there are no paper marks such as streaks and spots, and there is no warpage and deformation. In printing and products. Packaging for business cards, invitations, certificates, menus, calendars, postal postcards or similar products.

White cardboard and whiteboard paper are paperboards that are white in front and smooth, and have a gray bottom on the back. These paperboards are mainly used for single-sided color printing and then made into cartons for packaging, or for design and handmade products.etc.

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