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Origami paper
2019-04-12 11:41
Origami paper, also known as "craft origami", is an art activity in which paper is folded into various shapes. In most origami paper competitions, participants are required to fold the work out of a complete square paper without damage. Origami paper is combined with the natural sciences. origami paper not only became a teaching aid for the school of architecture, but also developed as a branch of modern geometry. origami paper slowly develops into a children's toy, a body and mind, an intellectual and thinking activity, a symbol of peace and commemoration, and an excellent pastime.

Regarding the origin of origami paper, there are Chinese origins, Japanese origins, and Spanish origins, which have not been verified so far. However, as early as in the Western Han Dynasty, China produced paper made of marijuana and a small amount of ramie fiber, and it was not until 610 AD that the artichokes of the DPRK were levied on papermaking at the then Regent Prince. Therefore, more people believe that origami paper originated in China and prevailed in Japan.

Origami paper slowly evolved into toys that are not just for children. It is also an activity that benefits the body and mind and develops intelligence and thinking. In general, the first step in learning origami paper is to learn the basics of paper folding. Over the past 2000 years after the emergence of paper folding art, origami paper has become a source of happiness, enjoyment of art, and tools for the development of intelligence for adults and children. In recent years, origami colored paper has gradually become a means of education, a symbol of peace and commemoration. origami paper is also an excellent pastime for millions of people around the world.