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How to make paper lily
2019-04-03 16:42
Lily flowers are very large, very nice, elegant, and full of fairy tales, so the lily is fond by many people. Now editor from Hone Arts brings you beautiful lily made by flower crepe paper.
Preparation: 6 pieces of crepe paper, 7 pieces of wire, white glue

1st, prepare 6 pieces of rectangular crepe paper, cut along the diagonal line as showed below.

2nd, please pay attention to the texture of crepe paper

3rd, apply two triangles to the 26th wire with white glue, please refer to below picture.

4th, cut into two sizes with a template, 3 pieces for each size. 

5th, to make into lace, please gently pull the edge of crepe paper with your fingers, 1 up and 1 down, 3 times for each side. Now the petals is ready.

6th, wrap the 26th wire with light green tape to make the pistil, as showed below.

7th, tie the pistil together.

Then, Combine the pistils and the petals, a beautiful pink flower is ready to send to your friends. 

Hope you like our lecture on how to make lily with crepe paper. Now if you want to know more flowers made by papers, please visit our website: