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Glassine paper is welcomed by what advantage
2019-04-10 15:53
As the economy continues to grow rapidly and steadily, China's economic system is undergoing comprehensive and in-depth reforms. It will shift from the original industrial-oriented economy to the service-oriented economy. glassine paper also came into being to meet the market development, and made great contributions to the needs of food, medicine and other industries. Glassine paper is also called cellophane paper What advantages does glassine paper have to offer?

1. The texture of glassine paper is good

The quality of the good quality glass paper is very fine and precise and uniform, with strong light transmittance and strength. Generally, high-end glassine paper can make its quality better when adjusting the uniformity of thermal paper. It is a common material when producing barcodes or stickers. It is because of this super good texture. Paper will play its part in more industry sectors.

2. Glassine paper is waterproof and oil resistant

Glassine paper is extremely waterproof and oil resistant. Therefore, the paper can be used as an important raw material for making label paper or thermal paper, so that the produced thermal paper and coated paper have good oil and water resistance. It can be applied to special industries or fields in daily life to prevent oil and water damage to paper.

3. The internal strength of glassine paper is large

The inner strength of the best glassine paper is much higher than that of ordinary paper, so that the strength of the thermal paper or other paper produced will be high. This will have a very long-lasting effect, which will extend the service life and, to a certain extent, a cost-effective paper. It can be used to the maximum extent, thereby increasing cost efficiency and being very economical.

Through the understanding and understanding of the above advantages, it can be seen that glassine paper is inevitably recognized and liked by consumers. It has undergone earth-shaking changes on the basis of traditional paper industry. glassine paper is widely used in food industry medical treatment and is praised by everyone. It is within our daily life and consumption, greatly improving the quality and enjoyment of our lives. If you have a need for cellophane or any other colored paper, you can contact us.