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Fluorescent color bear handmade tutorial
2019-01-29 12:29
In the 1st century AD, Cai Lun was improved the papermaking technology of the Eastern Han Dynasty, expanded the source of papermaking materials, and made full use of bark, rags, hemp and fish nets, especially with bark., they were reducing the cost of paper. The prelude to the original pulp paper opened up a broad path for the development of the paper industry. Later generations developed a thin and strong paper on this basis, these  paper has many colors. 
Most of the current origami patterns are folded with ordinary origami paper, these papers have many colors and the quality is very good, so we can use these papers to fold some special patterns, the bear we want today can be folded with fluorescent color paper, because it is a paper containing fluorescent substances. After absorbing ultraviolet light, it can be brightly placed in the dark. The pattern thus folded out will be more beautiful and beautiful.

The bear to be folded this time, the color of the hat is not the same as the face, so we can choose single-sided fluorescent paper. Put the pretty face of the bear on the fluorescent side, then the color of the hat, we can change it ourselves. The general fluorescent paper is rarely square, and most of the manual origami needs to be square, so we must first cut the rectangular fluorescent paper into square. Then start our folding.
1. Fold in the dotted line to make creases and fold back.
2. Fold in the dotted lines.
3. Turn over ther neon color paper
4. Fold in the dotted lines.
5. Fold in the dotted lines.
6. Fold backward in the dotted line.
7. Fold backward in the dotted line.
8. Step fold backwared in the dotted lines.
9. Fold backward.
10.Draw a face and finished.
Is the bear that comes out of this better than the ordinary origami? Friendship reminds you that there are many colors of fluorescent paper. You can choose different colors according to your favorite to dress up the pattern you want to fold. I hope everyone can like this sharing.