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Advantages of White Kraft Paper for making Paper Rope
2019-04-16 18:03
White kraft paper rope advantages: White kraft paper feel soft, uniform thickness. In the process of production, there are few joints, no knotting phenomenon, can be used in the process of end-to-end connection, do not have to stop changing rope.

1. Avoid the bad products caused by stopping and changing rope, and greatly improve the production efficiency. Very suitable for automatic bag making machine, handheld machine using white Kraft paper. White Kraft paper made of paper rope advantages

2: White Kraft paper white smooth and beautiful, good tension, people feel very high-end, high-end gift packaging hand-held bag, cosmetics box paper bags are made of white Kraft paper handheld rope. Advantages of White Kraft Paper Rope

3: the Color of Paper Good glossiness, stable color, no dust, no immersion; uniform paper thickness, good smoothness, smooth surface, good tensile force, high rupture resistance, good stiffness, is a good helper of paper rope.
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