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How to Make a Cute DIY Bunny Nose for Easter
2019-11-13 21:41
Need to make an Easter bunny nose for your child, but only have basic materials to work with?
In this exclusive video tutorial, you can learn how to craft an adorable bunny nose the fast and 
easy way out of simple supplies.
Craft stick or tongue depressor
One pink pom pom
Two white pom poms
White pipe cleaners
Piece of cardboard
Black marker
Hot glue and glue gun
1,To begin, you will need a white sheet of paper or cardboard. Use a black marker to draw two rabbit teeth. 
Then, cut these out and set them aside. Note that you do not need to cut them out separately. 
It is better to keep them combined as a single unit.

2,Cut several white pipe cleaners to the same size to serve as whiskers. Use hot glue to attach them 
to the top of the craft stick. Crisscross them so that they look as much like real whiskers as possible.

3,Over top of the whiskers, you are going to attach two white pom poms or cotton balls (either work perfectly well).
 Use hot glue to do this.Hot glue on the pink pom pom right above the white cotton balls in the center as the bunny nose.
4,Hot glue on the bunny teeth right underneath the cotton balls. The bunny nose is now complete and ready to enjoy!