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Details of previous frankfurt exhibition records
2019-01-10 12:30
 As an emerging small business, Hnarts are very happy to seize every opportunity to participate in the exhibition. Since 2008, we have sent many employees to participate in the exhibition every year, due to the good quality and suitable price, we have gained a lot of  customers, it's brought a good start for us to participate in the exhibition. 
Since 2008, we are no longer only participating in the Canton Fair every year. Gradually we have stepped out of the country and participated in the German and Frankfurt exhibitions. By participating in these exhibitions, our booths have been from the beginning no one asked our products until now more and more people know our brand. During the exhibitons, we have met more products, and developed many new products, like hobby, rainbow scratch paper etc. met many peers, and established more customers. Our changes are huge, and these changes have greatly promoted the development of our company.
As a staff member attending the exhibition, this is not only a job, but more like a welfare that is difficult to meet, because in the spare time, they can go to different countries to enjoy different national customs, enjoy different cuisines and enjoy the different views. I believe most of this welfare is very much wanted.

In 2008, the mobile phone was far from being intelligent, and the photos taken were obviously not clear enough. From these photos, we can 
clearly see the photo reflection in front of this exhibition hall, that only see a small part of the LOGO, But because of this, it has become 
more historical because it has witnessed the efforts and progress of our company.