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Make Adorable Painted Bunnies Out of Clothespins
2019-11-18 12:35
In this new Easter crafting tutorial video from DIYnCrafts, you can find out how it’s done. 
Have fun creating these adorable bunnies!
White paint
Faux pearl
Pink satin ribbon
Pink marker
Black pen
Hot glue and glue gun
Step 1,The first thing you need to do is take your clothespin and break it in half by removing the wire
mechanism which holds it together. You can set the wire mechanism aside (or throw it away) as you will not be needing it again.

Step 2,Paint both halves of the clothespin white. Make sure that you cover them completely without leaving any exposed wood. 
Once that is done, wait for them to dry completely before you proceed with the next step.
Use hot glue to reattach the clothespin halves to each other. It will look just like it did before, 
minus the wire and painted white.

Step 3,Use the marker to draw pink triangles on the ends of the clothespins. Start with the pink marker. 
These have just become the bunny’s ears.With the same pink marker, just a little bit below the first notch over the ears., 
make two little circles, one on either side. Make sure that there will be enough room above them for the eyes. 
The pink circles will serve as the cheeks.
Step 4,Now, use the black pen to draw the eyes above the cheeks. Draw whiskers over the pink circles. 
You can also draw little hands and feet on your bunny.
Step 5,Finish your handcrafted Easter Bunny by tying a pretty ribbon around its neck. 
You can go with any color you want. I chose pink, since it matches the ears. Note that the ribbon will have to be pretty thin,
 or it will obscure the bunny’s face. You can now stand up your Easter Bunny or clip it anywhere you like.

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