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Crepe paper folds flowers by hand
2019-11-25 20:52
Crepe paper is to point to the processing paper that a kind of paper face presents creper, can be divided into three kinds of crepe paper for life, packaging and decoration.Life with crepe paper such as napkins, sanitation creper paper, with soft paper and a good water absorbent tissue for the original paper.
Packaging with crepe paper tough and elastic, for packaging wool, wool products and other flexible goods, in order to prevent the packaging of large scalability and caused by the paper rupture, with strong packaging paper as the original paper.

The process of folding flowers by hand with crepe paper
1.Crepe paper, flower rod
2.Scissors, green tape, stretch cord
1.Cut wrinkly paper into a strip above all, fold in half again fold, become the shape that small rectangular clip gives petal, such petal is done
2. Take flower rod and tie one petal onto the flower rod with elastic thread. Pay attention to the layers.
3. Once all the petals are tied, wrap green tape around the white line at the base of the flower.
4. Petals to trim, you can use the flower rod will roll petals, better look.