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Space Sand

Generally speaking, "space sand" refers to the space sand toys in the shape of color sand, is by the sand and food grade active cross-linking agent combination of creative educational toys. Space sand brand divides space sand toys, space sand education, space sand paradise, space sand sculpture, space sand competition 5 big plate.


- It is environmental health, non-toxic harmless and has strong operability that it can be arbitrarily mould.
- Always wet. Inherent in this sand feeling the humidity stays there forever, so it does not require any manipulation of water, moisturizers or chemical means. If a child suddenly want to play with the sand, parents just need to get it.
- Games with space sand, as none of the other activities that can develop children's imagination and satisfy the desire to create. Startin sight of stg with the sculpting of sand, it is possible that in the future the kid will want to do more seriously.
- The good mood of parents contemplating their children playing in the yard, sandbox, often deteriorates at theray cats and dogs. The lack of access of animals to the home space sandbox with sand makes it one of the most hygienic gaming materials.
Multiple package for your choice, such as plastic box, zipper bag, printed bag, paper box etc…
Item: Space sand
Brand: Hnarts
Color: Blue, orange, pink, yellow, purple, green, natural etc… 
Grams: 10g, 12g, 15g, 18g, 24g etc…
Quality excellent
Material: Clay
Packing: Paper card box, plastic box, zipper bag, printed bag etc…
Payment Terms: L/C at sight ,T/T,DP
Application: Children’s handmade toy

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