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what is the brushes
2020-02-11 13:14
The brush mainly refers to the oil brush and gouache brush, the brush is generally made of coarse animal hair, or fine fiber, the size is different, the variety is various.The main use for painting, oil painting and other aspects.
The main purpose
Mainly used in the academy of fine arts, painting, oil painting and other special pen, brush and hard brush.
Maintenance mode
(1) when we paint, we should try to use rough-edged paper or waste newspaper to wipe, because these two kinds of paper have better absorption, less residual pigment, less friction, and less damage to the pen;
(2) after painting, we try to use warm water to soak the pen with a little detergent or soap, and rub the pen in the palm of the hand in one direction until the paint is thoroughly washed;
(3) let it dry after washing;
(4) after drying, we'd better use linen, the kind of canvas we normally use for oil paintings, to wrap the brushes and tie the rubber bands at both ends.Why are they bound up with cloth?Because we brush after washing will remain some oil, after the wind easily damaged.Although it looks like a lot of trouble but it is done very quickly, treat the brush is to reduce a worry for us when painting.