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scratching art & scratch art paper
2019-09-10 11:41
What is scratching in art?
Scratch Art is a graphic technique. It is used to create value drawings. Most common is a black-and-white technique. Also popular are metallic backgrounds – they make a drawing look like etching. Scratch board is a paper (or foil) board that is covered with wax or gesso and coated over with black ink.
What is scratch art paper?
Scratch-Art Paper is for students of all ages. The paper is black coated over bright colors and white. 
Remove the coating with the scratch tool to reveal the colors beneath.
There are also rainbow scratch paper, metallic scratch paper and holographic scratch paper.
Why is it called scratch paper?
That would make scratch paper a potential “eggcorn,” to use a term coined by linguists for a misconstrued word or phrase that gets reshaped with a new semantic motivation. Scratch paper makes sense in a new way, as it describes the note-taker's hurried writing rather than the cheap source of the paper.
What is scratch art paper made of?
Scratchboard refers to both a fine-art medium, and an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools for engraving into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with dark, often black India ink. There is also foil paper covered with black ink that, when scratched, exposes the shiny surface beneath.
What can I use for scratch art?
Add some black poster paint to a small bowl and pour a tiny amount of dish soap. The soap will help the paint stick to the oil pastels. Mix it together using a foam brush and begin painting it over your oil pastel picture.