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Types and specifications of Glitter
2020-02-13 09:44

1.Main types of
PET, PVC glitter
The product is composed of vacuum metal polyester plastic film, its color layer is thermosetting cross combination epoxy layer, can produce a wide range of colors, through the way of screen printing, coating, spray for wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics and other materials.Form decoration or reflective and other special and eye-catching effect.PVC gold onion powder is not resistant to high temperature (60℃), acid and base.Pet gold onion powder is resistant to high temperature (190℃), acid and base.

Metallic glitter
The product is made of extremely thin aluminum foil with a color outer layer of thermosetting cross-bonded epoxy.Glitter is suitable for many soluble materials and can also be dry coated.Metallic green onion powder is an ideal material for plastic products with a temperature resistance of 250℃ and acid and alkali resistance.
Magic color series of glitter
The product is a unique phantasmagoric glitter, which does not contain metal components. However, due to the optical properties of the polymer film that makes up the product, the product has the changeable metal color and luster, with obvious color changes.Especially suitable for printing, craft industry, cosmetics, jewelry, so that the product has the appearance of color changes.
Laser series of glitter
The product is made of imported laser primal film with high brightness and dazzle color, which is coated and colored by high temperature, and cut by professional precision machine into sequins with uniform shape.The original film is generally environment-friendly PET laser film, and the price of laser green onion powder is relatively high. Since the reflective effect of laser green onion powder is better than that of general green onion powder, it is generally used in injection molding, glass building materials and other industries to make its luster permeate the surface.
2.Fold edit this section of common product specifications
Four corners :0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 3.0mm
Hexagonal: 1/500 (0.05 mm) and 1/360 (0.07 mm), 1/256 (0.1 mm) and 1/170 (0.15 mm) and 1/128 (0.2 mm), 1/96 (0.3 mm) and 1/64 (0.4 mm) 1/40 (0.5 mm), 1/32 (0.6 mm) and 1/24 (0.8 mm) and 1/20 (1.3 mm), 1/12 (2.0 mm) and 1/10 (2.5 mm), 1/8 1/6 (5 mm), 0.175 (3.0 mm)A quarter of 0.20 (6.0 mm)
Wire :0.3x1.5mm, 0.3x3mm, 0.3x4.7mm, 0.2x1.5mm \ 0.2x1mm \ 0.1x0.8mm