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To make the beaded artificial fruit you will need
2019-09-10 11:41
o make the beaded artificial fruit you will need
---Small artificial fruit
---6mm colored seed beads to match the color of the fruit. 
---Tacky glue 
Using the toothpick, spread glue over a small part of the fruit. Add your beads, one at a time with the holes facing out. Allow the glue to dry. You can mix the colors of beads to resemble the natural color gradations of the fruit.
 You can use this same technique to add sparkle to different shapes such as plastic stars, crosses, balls or hearts. There are many different wood shapes at craft stores that would look very nice covered in beads.
 Also, attach a hanging loop to make a shiny Christmas ornament or gift trim. You can hang some from the mantel or even use them on wreaths. You can also attach a name for great place settings.
 With all the many different colored seed beads now you could make just about anything. I know that you have seen the artificial beaded fruit for sale on the internet or in fancy gift stores. They are very expensive and you can just make them yourself.

 If you have any questions or any arts and crafts ideas please contact me and I will add it to my site.