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To make a toy with paper
2020-01-03 14:28
Cute paper doll hanging ornaments, hang it and sway in the wind, as if you are dancing in the face! The simple manual tutorial for kindergarten children, the main step is to fold the paper into a fan shape, you will understand after reading it. How to finish it.

Material tools: red and white paper, marker, glue stick, rubber band, rope and scissors. First fold the red paper into a fan, then fold it in half.

Draw a beautiful pattern on white paper, fold it again and again, wrap it in red paper and fold it with a rubber band.

Make the doll's head with red paper and white paper and draw the expression with a marker. Paste the head and body together.

Take out the two-color rope, make a bow at the neckline, and make a lanyard. The cute paper doll ornaments are ready.