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The usage of Crystal Mud Foam
2019-08-23 20:19
The crystal mud is crystal clear and the material is like jelly. It is comfortable and soft, and it feels cool. It is a good material for children to use for handwork. Our crystal mud is made of food grade raw materials, non-toxic and safe. Crystal mud can stimulate your baby's creative potential. It can also help adults release stress and easily decompress. Our crystal mud is colorful and can meet everyone's preferences.
1. Using crystal mud foam, you can make a pool, and you can also make cakes, ice cream and other shapes with Foam putty and creamy soil. 

2. You can make a drift bottle with crystal mud foam and make your wish. Your wish will surely come with the beautiful drift bottle.
You can first make the crystal mud evenly, then layer the different colors of crystal mud in layers and put them in a transparent bottle. Then, put in dried flowers, shells and other gadgets according to your preference, the beautiful crystal rainbow wishing bottle is finished.
3. Crystal mud foam can also improve your baby's ability to work. If you evenly crystallize the mud, turn it into an elliptical shape, then insert the straw into the crystal mud obliquely, and pinch the hand at the junction. When the air is blown, the angle of the straw is tilted up. You can blow out bubbles. Every kids like bubbles.
4. Crystal mud can also improve your baby's thinking ability. Fill the mold with crystal mud of different colors. You can also use the crystal mud to spread on the tabletop, then use the hollow mold to print on the crystal mud and peel off the surrounding crystal mud.

5.Not only do children like crystal mud, but adults also love crystal mud. Nowadays, the pace of life is fast and the pressure is high. Adults can release pressure by arbitrarily squeezing and pinching, so that the mood can be relaxed.
6.Crystal mud also has a cleansing effect, because of its special viscosity and softness, it can penetrate into the gaps of our computer keyboard to help us clean the dust inside.
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