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The Method of Making Little Daisy with Wrinkle Paper
2020-01-23 21:12
Today we bring you a wrinkle paper illustration of the way to make small daisies, very beautiful, as if just picked that fresh look. The idea of making is very simple, making stamens and petals separately, and then wrapping them up with petals. Beautiful and lovely little daisy, add fresh life to home decoration, can be made into illustrations, can also be made into bouquets, never fade oh~
Material: wrinkle paper (crepe paper)yellow, wrinkle paper white, pattern wire, pectin green paper tape roll, glue, scissors, pliers.
1. Paper cardboard cut into such petals, size has been marked.
2. Bend the wire with pliers, just a little.
3. Yellow paper is cut into thin tassels. My size is about one millimeter. The thinner the better.
4. Roll out the flower core and trim the semicircle with scissors. Some of my scissors are not.
5. The petals are cut out about 16 pieces according to the template, and then the shape is pulled out.
6. Start pasting - Finish - bottle insertion, very small and fresh.