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Space Sand Introduction
2019-09-03 11:56
Space Sand Introduction                                                                           
1. What is space sand                                                                                                                  
Generally speaking, "space sand" refers to the space sand toys in the shape of color sand, is by the sand and food grade active cross-linking agent combination of creative educational toys. Space sand brand divides space sand toys, space sand education, space sand paradise, space sand sculpture, space sand competition 5 big plate.     
2. The material composition of space sand and whether it is harmful to children.                       
Space sand is composed of 98% sea sand and 2% food grade active crosslinking agent. The quality of space sand has been certified by the national CCC, that is, it has passed the detection of heavy metal elements, and the safety is basically guaranteed. There is no harm to children's health. Children over 36 months of age are advised not to swallow space sand or any small accessories. Wash hands with warm water or hand sanitizer after use.  

3. Characteristics and functions of space sand                                                                                  
Characteristics: the space sand feels soft and does not stick to the hand, good viscosity between each other but will not adhere to the table or clothing, if there is sand scattered on the ground, you can hold a ball of sand to absorb the sand on the ground, it is easy to clean up without residue.It has both solid and fluid properties, with the texture and fluidity of ordinary sand, plasticine like plasticity, cutting and sculpting ability.
Functions:As a puzzle toy, space sand feel soft, with good mobility.Playing space sand can relax your mind, reduce stress, forget about worries and become focused.Children can stimulate the development of hand brain nerve and promote the coordination of hand brain by touching and holding space sand.