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New Arrival Foamy Clay
2019-08-23 20:26
Foamy Clay is very lightweight and soft, especially after a dry, like a cork. be formed into balls, then it can be memantull like a ball. 
No sticky hands. If the newly opened from the sachet, his impression will be somewhat sticky, but we can immediately clean up of our hands 
without water. It is very easy to set up anything. Dries with air support and without cracks. It can be attached with the help of white glue. 
The colors were very bright and can be mixed to produce various colors. No need to use the paint again. 
Very soft hands and is suitable for children because it is not toxic (non-toxic)

Our foamy light clay is the Magic Clay is a funny toy for kids to creative handicraft works.More than 40 colors available.  
We have many category: 
light weight clay, foam clay, pearl putty, diy clay, color clay,crystal clay, 
1. You can make any figures and cartoon, images as you like. 
2. Can make new color by mixing the clay with different colors. 
3. It is a Education clay, best DIY toys for kids