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Make a Craft Stick Christmas Tree
2019-12-26 09:24
To make the Christmas tree, you will need 3 craft sticks.  You can buy these in different colors, 
dye them as mentioned above, or paint them like I did for this porject. 
1,Once they have dried competely, you will trim one of these to be shorter than the other two. 
 It should be about 2/3 as long as the other popsicle sticks. 

2,Using a hot glue gun, you will attach them into a triangle shape with the shorter stick on the bottom. 

3,Now, you will use the gold foam paper and cut a small sqaure to be the “trunk” of the tree, and a small star to go on the top of your tree. 
4,Add these along with decorative stars to the tree. 
5,Cut and loop a piece of ribbon then secure to the back of your “tree” with hot glue. 
Now you can hang this on your tree!