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Introduction to Martian sand
2020-03-24 09:15
1.The main components of Martian sand are silica, which is widely distributed in nature, and natural rubber.Martian sand is the natural sand after the technology purification, high temperature treatment and become.
2.Appearance and features:Martian sand is white and soft to the touch, allowing children to knead it like a dough while playing with a little force to shape it.The main characteristics of Martian sand are: do not dry, do not become hard, repeated use, arbitrary shape.

3.Save method:If managed properly can be regarded as semi-permanent items, please put them in plastic bags sealed after use.
Beware of children.Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long time.Do not mix it with water in addition use, also do not use below bathroom and too damp environment.If it is soaked by saliva, sweat, drinks, etc., please immediately throw away the soaked part.Because may affect its overall performance, shorten the service life.Make sure children wash their hands before and after use, and use and clean their hands when they are dry.The glue will stick to the hand after a long time of touching and rubbing.Since the product is not soluble in water and sticks to hands or clothes, do not wash off with clean water.If mixed with other things or sundries will cause deterioration.
4.Eating to rescue:The main composition of Mars sand is silica, (the main composition of natural sand is silica, it is natural sand to remove impurities, purification technology), 100% environmental protection, sanitation, non-toxic, a small amount of accidental ingestion is harmless to the body.The taste of sand is not good, children may not like it, so in general, children will not continue to taste it.But after all is a toy is not food, children or should be used under the supervision of parents.

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