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Introduction and Classification of Corrugated Paper
2020-01-20 10:22
Introduction and Classification of Corrugated Paper
Also known as corrugated cardboard. It is made of at least one layer of corrugated paper and one layer of carton paper (also called carton board), which has good elasticity and extensibility. Mainly used in the manufacture of cartons, carton sandwiches and other packaging materials for fragile goods. Soil straw pulp and waste paper were beaten to make yellow cardboard-like base cardboard, then machined to roll into corrugated shape, and then bonded with box paper with sodium silicate and other adhesives on its surface.
Corrugated cardboard is like connected arched doors, which stand side by side and support each other to form a triangular structure. It has good mechanical strength, can withstand certain pressure from the plane, and is flexible and has good cushioning effect. It can be made into various shapes and sizes of liners or containers according to needs. It is simpler and faster than plastic cushioning material, less affected by temperature, better shading, no deterioration by light, and generally less affected by humidity, but it is not suitable for long-term use in humid environment, which will affect its strength.
According to different combinations, corrugated cardboard can be divided into the following five types:
1. The cardboard consisting of a layer of core paper and kraft cards is called "dew corrugated cardboard". Corrugated cardboard is generally used only as cushion, spacer and wrapping irregular objects.
2. The cardboard consisting of a layer of core paper and two layers of kraft cards is called "single pit cardboard".
Corrugated board
3. Two layers of core paper are divided into three layers of kraft cards called "double pit cardboard". Double pit cardboard can be composed of pit paper with different pit width and paper quality, such as "B" pit paper with "C" pit paper.
4. Three-layer core paper is called "three-pit cardboard" which is sandwiched in four-layer kraft cards.
5. Super-strong duplex cardboard is developed from single pit cardboard. Its middle layer of core paper is made of two pieces of thick core paper.
It is gratifying to note that today we have been able to produce many different combinations of corrugated cardboard with different characteristics and strengths to meet the changing needs of the market.