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Ice cream stick handmade Easter basket
2019-12-20 12:33
For the mini thing, it will be super cute, like this mini Easter basket. Make baskets with ice cream sticks and ribbons, and add some Easter eggs to be OK. If you are looking for fun Easter children's crafts, consider it now!~
Material tools:
3 long ice cream sticks
9 short ice cream sticks
Hot glue gun
White paint
Green yarn (optional)
1. Heat the hot glue gun. Two mini ice cream sticks and two large ice cream sticks are glued together to make a rectangle.
2. Stick a large ice cream stick along the middle of the rectangle. Stick three mini ice cream sticks on the rectangle, all on the same side.
3. Turn the rectangle over and attach four mini ice cream sticks to the rectangle.
4. Pass the ribbon through the top of the rectangle and secure the end to the back of the Easter basket with a hot glue gun. Pass the second ribbon through the lower half of the Easter basket and secure the ends to the back of the basket.
5. Apply a ribbon on both sides of the top of the Easter basket as a handle.

6. Cut five or six small eggs from the cardboard. Paint them white. After drying, decorate them with a marker.
7. (Optional) Apply some small green yarn along the back of the basket, like a grass.
8. Stick the Easter eggs to the back of the basket to complete the mini Easter basket.
The cute Easter basket is finished, you can hang it up, and the bright colors will make the room warmer.