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How to make wrinkle pper flower step diagram
2020-07-29 08:54
How to make crepe paper flower step diagram

Materials you will need: Crepe paper, scissors, glue 
1. Take out a piece of red wrinkly crepe paper to fold the flowers.
2. Cut along the dotted line with scissors.

3. Cut a piece of wrinkled crepe paper.
4. Fold in half along the dotted line.
5. As shown in the figure.
6. Then roll down the wrinkling paper in the direction shown.
7. Until it's finished.
8. Then fold the crepe paper on the other side in half along the dotted line.
9. Roll the paper along the dotted line shown in the figure.
10. Continue to roll the paper, as shown in the figure.
11. Until the right end of the paper is rolled.
12. Then roll the remaining strips of paper below into a small vertical bar.

13. Then take a piece of green wrinkly paper of appropriate size to make a root.
14. Roll up and wrap the roses.
15. Repeat the above steps, and the finished product is shown in the figure below.