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How to make a rose with crepe paper
2019-09-26 19:33
Many children have activities that do manual work. It is an indispensable part to make various flowers with wrinkled paper. Then we will briefly introduce the process of production here.
Required tools: crepe paper, scissors, rope, stick

1. We cut the same color of crepe paper into 8 rectangles of the same size. Wrinkle paper can choose your favorite color
2. Curl the sides of one end of the crepe paper as shown in the middle. The roll looks good on the right.
3. Roll all the small rectangles out, which is part of the rose petals.
4. Take a small stick and roll one of the petals onto the stick. The left hand is pinched and the right hand is finished.
5. Then roll all the petals into the small sticks in turn, showing the picture below. Then tie the lower part with a rope.
6. Finally we can lightly arrange the shape of the flower. Finished crepe paper roses are ready.