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How to make a kite?
2020-02-04 10:53
Kites are cool. Let's learn how to make our own handmade paper or plastic bag kite.
Kites can have multiple designs (bermuda, bowed, delta, foil, leading edge inflatable), and a wide variety of purposes and environments(fight, indoor, man-lifting, water). Materials used to produce modern kites include cotton, dacron, hemp, kevlar, manja, nylon, polyester, silk and other substances.
It's quite easy to build a custom-made kite. We'll learn how to make two flying kites with two different core components: paper/cloth and plastic. And it will only take 10 minutes. Shall we start with the classic diamond paper kite? Alright. You'll need:
1. A sheet of carton, a table cloth, or a simple fabric;
2. Two bamboo or balsa sticks;
3. A long string;
4. Scissors;
5. A stapler, tape or glue;

Here's how you make the diamond kite:
1. Cut the four corners off until your carton, cloth or fabric gets a diamond shape;
2. Cross the sticks, and tie them diagonally;
3. Glue, staple or tape the sticks to the carton, cloth or fabric;
4. Tie a loose string to both sides of the horizontal stick;
5. Tie the main control kite line to the structural string;
6. Add colored strips to the end of the kite;
7. Fly your kite in light to medium winds;
Alternatively, and in under 60 seconds, you can "design" the ultimate supermarket plastic bag kite. All you need is a polyethylene trash bag and a long string. Here's how it's done:
1. Tie the bag's handles together with a small string;
2. Attach a long string to center of the small string;
3. Fly your kite in light to medium winds;