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How to Make Christmas Star Decorations
2019-12-24 11:45
How to Make Christmas Star Decorations
Supplies Needed
Red cardboard
Brown cardboard
Rustic thread
Red button
Hot glue gun and glue
Colored cardboard is one of those things you don’t notice often in craft areas, but it does exist.
A,You will start by tracing a star onto the red cardboard. You can do this freehand or use a template.
Now, you will cut this out, and use it as a template to cut the brown cardboard star out, only make it about 1/2″ smaller around all sides.

B,Now, you will glue the brown star onto the red star and center as you are able.
Next, you will use the rustic thread, and create a small bow to glue into the middle of the star.

C,Top the middle of the bow with a red button.
If you add a bit of string to the back, you can easily add these to your Christmas tree. Another option is to put them on your mantle, put inside a picture frame as a framed star, or even onto a wreath.
I love the idea of adding them to the top of a Christmas tree as the tree topper when you are decorating with rustic decor.