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Handmade christmas tree with Red wine cork
2019-12-25 16:03
Still missing the beautiful atmosphere of Christmas? Maybe you can do some handcrafts about Christmas, like this with a wine bottle to make a Christmas tree! Just prepare a wine cork and a hot glue gun, of course you can decorate anything you already have. Or anything you want to buy. I will show you the basic Christmas tree, and the rest will be up to you!
Material tools: red wine stoppers, plush balls, twisted rods, hot melt glue guns, paints, cotton swabs.

Place the collected red wine bottles on the table to ensure that each tree has enough cork stoppers.
Starting from the bottom, the base cork is glued together side by side and cooled side by side.

Do the same for all the next layers, stick them together with hot melt glue, and set aside to cool.
You can make a Christmas tree according to the collage method above, but it is a thin feeling.
I prefer this approach, the bottom is 5 red wine stoppers, then 4, 3...
Also attach a base to the bottom.
Take out the stuff you want to decorate, such as plush balls, flashing torsion bars, paints, etc.
I have some green paint, so I have a simple color on the side of the Christmas tree.
For such a small amount of painting, I just used a cotton swab to smear it, then throw it away and don't clean it.

Finally, wrap the twisting rod around your finger and install it on the Christmas tree. Our green Christmas tree decoration will be made.