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2020-02-19 12:00
How to make cute chicken with wool
If you have chickens, children are very happy because they are very cute. The fluffy look makes people feel like they are always wearing a wool ball. So we make wool chicks to make cute chickens. They can be used as children's Day gifts for children, and they are also good for decorating at home. 。
Step 1: cut the paper into pieces of different lengths, according to the length representation in the tutorial
Step 2: then wrap the wool on the paper, just like when making the wool ball

Step 3: cut the twisted wool into a bunch of long wool
Step 4: lay the long brown wool horizontally and the yellow wool vertically in the middle

Step 5: fold the brown wool in half and tie it
Step 6: fold the yellow wool in half and tie it well
Step 7: The seventh step: put it in the middle of blue and white wool
Step 8: roll the paper into a small ball and wrap it at the intersection of three kinds of wool
Step 9: wrap the three strands of wool around the paper and tie them up
Step 10: trim the end of the wool with scissors

Step 11: glue the orange paper into a small cone
Step 12: then screw the copper wire into the chicken's feet
Step 13: glue black beads to the chicken as eyes
Step 14: then use white glue to stick the cone to the front as the mouth, and install two feet, the lovely chicken is finished.