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Glitter Film Introduction and Application
2019-09-18 11:54
Glitter  Film Introduction  and Application
1. What is Glitter Film     
 Glitter film is a new environmental protection material, is a widely used  Glitter effect product, because the product and Glitter powder has similarities, so it is called "Glitter film".Its material can be divided into PP material and PVC material, the Glitter film is through the special film version of calendering on the surface of the material to form a frosted texture, according to the film version, can produce different patterns.Different from the common chives powder: the surface is not sprinkled with chives powder or aluminized powder produced by the effect, but the use of optical principles on the surface of the film imprinting effect, shining point will not be as easy to fall off as sprinkled with chives powder, so more environmentally friendly, more durable, more safe.

2.The use of Glitter film
Glitter film is suitable for offset printing, intaglio printing, silk printing, special printing, bronzing and other processing methods. At present, it has been widely used in the packaging and decoration market of tobacco and wine toothpaste boxes, CD boxes, cosmetics, stationery, gift packaging lighting, building materials, advertising decoration, window stickers, self-adhesive, shoes, hair salon lights and other industries.Can compound adhesive, all kinds of paper, etc., can be applied to offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, special printing, hot stamping, so as to form a different light, make your products more different.