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Funny Shape Faces
2020-06-23 19:38
Create a variety of fun faces using common shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles in the Funny Felt Faces craft.  This fun craft uses felt and scissors to make a head and a variety of eyes, ears, mouths, and noses in many shapes and sizes.  This craft is perfect for teaching youngsters their shapes, body parts, and for reinforcing the idea that we are all unique!
What you'll need:
Large Ziploc Bag
Funny Felt Faces Template
1 piece of white cardstock
Black marker or pen
Large skin-colored piece of felt
Small pieces of felt in many colors
How to make your Funny Shape Faces
Print the Funny Felt Faces template onto white cardstock.  Cut out the shapes.  (see photos for examples)

Trace the face onto the skin-colored felt piece with the black pen or marker and cut out.  (see photos)

Trace the shapes two times each onto different colors of felt.  Make sure that when you are cutting out the eyes that you use the same color felt for both eyes.  (see photos)

Your face is now complete and ready for eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.  Have fun creating different faces.  Have your child figure out what shapes make the best happy, sad, angry, excited, and silly faces.  When finished, store the pieces in the large Ziploc bag for later use!