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EVA Learning Alphabet Blackboard Magnet
2019-09-10 11:39
The EVA Learning  Alphabet Blackboard Magnet are made of long-lasting and easy-to-clean EVA, making your life more colorful and meaningful.
Suitable for theme party, butterfly museum embellishment, children room, garden parties, photography background, 
Christmas, wedding, birthday, etc.
If you want to decorate your refrigerator, maybe you could try these vivid fridge sticker. They will decorate your refrigerator and house. 
You can post your favorite photos or picture, your notifications or reminders on your refrigerator or in your office.

EVA Alphabet Fridge Magnet can help kids learn shapes, colors, counting while playing.
1.Used in early education, can make the baby through play letters to learn the knowledge,
2.Used for education, can be used as teaching, back glue magnetic can stick the whiteboard
3.Used to decorate the refrigerator, this product back glue magnetic stick above the refrigerator as a decorative