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Description of woolen yarn
2019-09-20 10:30
What is woolen yarn?
Woolen yarn usually refers to the yarn made from wool, and there are also different kinds of chemical fiber materials.
The different kinds of woolen yarn:
(1) coarse wool wire: the wire density of the unit is about 400 termites, generally into 4 strands, the line density of each share is about 100 termites.High - quality coarse wool yarn made of fine wool is expensive.The intermediate coarse yarn of pure wool is made of medium wool.This kind of yarn is thicker, stronger and feels plump.Knitted sweaters are thick and warm and are often used as winter clothing.
(2) fine wool: the yarn density is 167 ~ 398 t, usually 4 strands.We have two kinds of yarn: twisted wool and globular wool.This wool is smooth and dry, soft to the touch and beautiful in color.With it is mainly woven into a thinner sweater, light fit, for the spring and autumn season, wool consumption is more province.
(3) yarn design: this product has a wide variety of design and color, and the variety is constantly renovated.Such as gold and silver clip silk, printing clip flower, size bead, ring line, bamboo, chain and other varieties.Each sweater has a special charm after weaving.
(4) knitting yarn: generally two single yarn yarn, mostly used for machine knitting.The characteristics of this knitted sweater are light, clean, soft and smooth.Wool performance index

Woolen yarn performance index
1) count: count of wool is expressed in metric system. Count is large, count is fine, count is small, count is thick.
(2) twist of wool and yarn: twist of wool and yarn refers to the number of twists per unit length.
(3) strength and elongation of wool yarn and wool yarn:Wool yarn and wool yarn tensile strength.In terms of the load of the yarns broken, the length at which the yarns and yarns are stretched is called elongation.