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Definition of tattoo sticker
2020-05-21 10:49
Definition of tattoo sticker
Tattoo sticker is a type of sticker that is placed on the body.Easy to use, no pain, stick can keep 1 ~ 7 days, not afraid of washing, no obvious damage to the skin.So it's more acceptable than traditional tattoos and  easier to change patterns often.                                                                                                                                                    Tattoo stickers are cheap and have attractive colors and patterns.The technology of tattooing is water transfer printing technology. The material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, environmental protection ink, environmental protection glue and compound film. After printing the finished product, the pattern on the bottom paper can be transferred to the skin or other objects through a small amount of water.                                 
Classification of tattoo sticker:
 (1) According to its production process, tattoo sticker can be divided into forward water transfer tattoo paste and reverse water transfer tattoo paste.
 (2) According to its color process can be divided into monochrome, spot color and four colors;
 (3)According to its display effect can be divided into colorful spring onion tattoo sticker, luminous tattoo sticker, floral tattoo sticker;                                                               
 (4)According to their body parts can be divided into head tattoo, neck tattoo, back tattoo, chest tattoo, shoulder tattoo, abdomen tattoo, hip tattoo, hand tattoo, foot tattoo.
 (5)According to its shape, it can be divided into animal totem tattoo sticker, flower butterfly tattoo sticker, geometric decoration tattoo sticker, portrait tattoo sticker and so on.   

How to use the tattoo sticker                                                                                           
Generally tattoos are water transfer printing label, if design is square, not a lot of highlights, way is: the part of the stick body tattoo to do clean, and then with water will tattoo sticker on the back of the paper (called the bottom paper) with wet, or put the stick into the water, see the color of the bottom paper darker, that is, when water permeability can be posted.When sticking, stick the face that takes design directly on the skin, design backside blows besmear gently with fingernail, pull bottom paper along the skin with the hand finally, let it slide down from design, press again with towel next, it is to go to water, it is take out bubble again, ok.Of course, if the pattern has a lot of protruding parts, you need to pull the bottom paper up, slowly, see if there is any pattern off, just put it down and press it again.