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DIY tissue earth
2020-04-02 09:20
DIY tissue earth
Looking at the earth from space, you will find that 70% of the surface area of the whole earth is surrounded by the ocean. The so-called earth should actually be called the "sea ball". So we choose three colors of tissue paper. Blue represents the ocean, green represents the oasis, and yellow represents the mountains and rivers
Tools / raw materials:Blue, green, yellow tissue, scissors, foam balls, less sharp pencils, glue.
Method / step
1. blue, green, yellow tissue paper, scissors, foam balls, not too sharp pencils, glue.
2. Cut out 5cm squares with yellow green blue tissue paper.
3. The pencil is facing the center of the square sheet.
4. Wrap the tissue paper around the pencil center as shown in the figure.
5. Stick a little glue on the center.
6. then insert the tissue paper into the foam ball.
7. add some green and yellow tissue paper into the above method to fill the foam ball.