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DIY popsicle stick snowman craft
2019-12-23 17:39
DIY popsicle stick snowman craft

Supplies Needed
Craft sticks
Red, white, and black paint
Green felt or fabric?
Red satin ribbon
Small plastic berries
Black permanent marker
Hot glue gun and glue
1,To begin, you will paint your craft sticks and set them aside to dry. You only need to paint one side of these.
I started by painting 5 of the craft sticks white.
If you want to trim the craft sticks now, you can do so. Otherwise, you can wait to trim them down to size after they are dry.

2,Next, I paint 2 of the craft sticks red.Then paint 6 craft sticks black.My final steps before assembling are to cut out a small leaf or two from the green felt or fabric to use on the snowman hat.
3,Glue 4 of the black craft sticks to the bottom of the pair as shown.
Next, you will glue on one of the red sticks.And finally the last two black sticks.

4,When you have all 5 of the white craft sticks glued in place, you will then begin trimming them with scissors to create a round face shape.
our snowman face will be similar in shape as shown below. It won’t be perfectly round, but the sides will be rounded. 
5,you will turn over the tophat, and attach the face to it by gluing the excess craft stick onto the back of the tophat as shown.
Once the glue has dried, you will turn it back over and draw on your eyes and face for the snowman.Finally  paint on a nose, or glue a small piece of orange paper or fabric in place.

6,Glue on the fabric or felt leaf and small berries on the edge of the top hat as a decoration.
Add the loop of satin ribbon to the back of the tophat for hanging the decoration.

Now you are ready to display your craft stick snowman!