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Crepe paper is the material of first choice when making various flowers.
2019-09-09 14:06
Wrinkle Paper, also known as crepe paper, refers to a kind of paper that presents wrinkles. crepe paper can be divided into three types: life, packaging, and decoration. 
Life crepe paper such as napkins, sanitary crepe paper, paper soft and good absorbent thin paper for the original. Packaging paper is tough and flexible for packaging flexible goods such as wool and wool products to prevent the paper from breaking due to the flexibility of the packaging. Use strong wrapping paper as raw paper. Decorative crumpled paper such as a variety of color crumpled paper for holiday decoration and tied into paper flowers, using thin paper as the original paper. The wet(or partially dried) raw paper is usually scooped out with a scraper on the oven, or mechanically pressed out of wrinkles and dried. The original "hand kneading paper" refers to the paper that kneads natural folds and textures with our hands.

For example, we commonly use "South Korean hand kneading paper". It is really hand-made paper, and the texture is hand-rubbed. The texture of the paper is very special, but now often referred to as hand kneading paper refers to a kind of wrapping paper that is very common in the market. It is the color, Square paper that is commonly used in flower shops. It is the texture of machine pressure., Very convenient. Because of its color and cheap, it is very suitable for packaging and folding. Some use him to make paper flowers, but its effect is far less than paper vines. They call it a lot of paper, such as the kind we used to make red flowers when we were kids, the kind of colored paper that was a little bit like toilet paper, or the kind of paper that was also called crepe paper.
Crepe paper is the material of first choice when making various flowers.
Make roses out of crepe paper:
1. The basic crepe paper is the basis for making paper roses. First, you need to stack the wrinkles and put them together, and then use a stapler to fix the paper.
2. Then use scissors to cut the note into petals like the one shown in the figure. You can also eliminate your need to change the shape of the petals. You need to use scissors to make some processing of the wrinkled paper that makes paper roses.
3. The texture of paper roses may need to be reflected through processing. Use tweezers to deal with wrinkled paper, making the edges of its petals bend and distort.
4. The bottom of the petals also applies to tweezers for bending treatment.