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Crepe Paper Rose Tutorial
2019-05-06 17:41
Solid color crepe paper, also known as crepe paper streamers, refers to a paper surface crepe paper, can be divided into three types of life, packaging, decorative crepe paper.Crepe paper for life, such as napkins, sanitary crepe paper, paper soft and has good water absorption of paper as the base paper.Crepe paper makes a variety of flowers, is the first choice of materials. 

Rose made of crepe paper:

1. Basic crepe paper is the basis for making paper roses, first you need to fold the wrinkles together, and then use a stapler to fix the strips. 
2. Then use scissors to cut the paper into the shape of the petal shown in the picture, or you can change the shape of the petals that you need to change. There is a need to use scissors to make paper rose wrinkle paper for some processing.
3. The texture of paper roses may be reflected through processing. Tweezers are used to treat wrinkled paper so that its petal edges are bent and twisted.
4. The bottom of the petals is also bent with tweezers.