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Colorful Beaded Cross
2020-01-10 10:03
Choose traditional Christmas colors or a variety of fun shades.
What You'll Need: 
2 pipe cleaners (any color), 
20 pony beads (any colors), 
1 sequin (any color), 
white craft glue

Make It: 
Bend one of the pipe cleaners in half and thread one bead through both halves.
Push it to the top where the bend is and then make a loop below the bead, about an inch long.
Twist the pipe cleaner together once. Thread on 11 beads, but leave one bead-size space after the fourth bead.

Bend the end of the pipe cleaner up and into the final bead to hold it in place. Cut the second pipe cleaner in half.
Bend one of the halves in half and thread on 8 beads, leaving a bead-size space after the fourth bead. If needed, trim one end of the pipe cleaner and bend it to hold the beads in place.
Twist the two pipe cleaners together where the gaps are to create a cross. Glue the sequin to the center of the cross.
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