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Classification of leather
2020-02-14 10:04
According to the purpose

Leather for daily use, leather for national defense, leather for industry and agriculture, leather for culture and sports articles;
Artificial leather is also called imitation leather or plastic, PVC and PU synthetic materials such as the general term.It is on the textile duct or non-woven base, by all sorts of different formulations of PVC and PU foam or coated processing, can according to the different strength, wear-resisting, cold resistant degrees and color, luster and pattern request processing is made, with a wide variety of design and color, good waterproof performance, keep out appearance neat, high utilization ratio and relative to the characteristics of the leather is cheap price.
Artificial leather is a very popular kind of material, is widely used to make all kinds of leather products, or replace part of the leather material.It is increasingly advanced production technology, is being widely used in the processing of two-layer leather.Nowadays, the artificial leather that resembles genuine leather characteristic extremely already produces come on the market, its surface craft is extremely the fiber organization of base material, achieve the effect of genuine leather almost, its price and homebred head the price that layer skin is about the same.

Synthetic leather
Synthetic leather is a plastic product that simulates the composition and structure of natural leather and can be used as its substitute material.The surface is mainly polyurethane, the base material is polyester, cotton, polypropylene and other synthetic fiber made of non-woven cloth.Its front and back are very similar to leather, and has a certain degree of air permeability.The characteristic is burnish is beautiful, not easy moldy and moth-eaten, and more close to natural leather than common artificial leather.
Synthetic leather has a great variety of varieties. All synthetic leather has the common characteristics of synthetic fiber nonwoven substrate and polyurethane microporous surface.Synthetic leather has smooth surface, thick and thin, uniform color and strength, and is better than natural leather in waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, microorganism.