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Characteristics and effects of magic scratch card
2020-01-19 14:28
Magic scratch card , also known as scraping wax, scraping beauty card. It's a new kind of painting. In addition to using a bamboo pen to paint on scratch paper, we can also use other tools to paint and enrich the picture. Such as: Toothpicks, water pens, bamboo chopsticks, paper clips and so on. Sharp is used to draw fine lines to better express details; flat tools with a certain width can be used to draw rough lines or surfaces. Scratching paper is a kind of double-layer art paper product. The upper layer is mainly black, the lower layer is monochrome or enigmatic, and the upper layer of black is scratched to reveal the color below. The color is beautiful, the contrast is strong, and it has a good visual effect., won the children's love. Scratch is not suitable for repeated changes, can exercise children's decisive painting habits.
Magic scratch card is generally a crayon, colored oil painting stick, on the color, the shape of their own freely painted; monochrome painting can also be used. The main production methods are as follows:
1. Find a sketch paper and draw a large round or square map. Note that the paper can not be covered.
2. Use crayons to paint several of your favorite colors in the previous drawings. There are many kinds of drawings. There are great contrasts. At the same time, several colors can be used to mix out various other color images. Try to be colorful.
3. Cover the colored part of the previous coating with black crayon. It must be very hard and evenly painted.
4. Draw a cute design on it with a pen or toothpick without water.
In this way, it becomes a colorful scratch painting.
There's another way:
1. Use watercolor or other pigments to color the paper, each color is used to look good, the color of the area according to their own preferences.
2. Apply black or other dark crayons to the paper again, covering the color.
3. Use a pen or toothpick without water on the painting.