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Application of ultra light clay
2020-07-29 08:55
Application of ultra light clay

It's also called super light clay, foamy clay, foamy,moldeable,etc. which becomes very popular and it's our star products these years. 
1. Handcraft kneading materials: suitable for making dolls, dolls, brooches, hair ornaments, embossed wall decorations,
 mirror frames, imitation flowers, etc.
2. It is an excellent material for making baby's hand and foot prints, because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly 
and does not harm the baby's skin.
3. The best material for American Labor Education: it can be used for art teaching in primary and secondary schools,
 and can be used for parent-child DIY activities. It is a kind of handcraft kneading material for family, individual, 
pottery bar and all kinds of entertainment places
4. Safety
Clay itself is safe and non-toxic, but its components contain organic foaming powder and preservatives.
 Because the foaming powder is light and highly adsorbed by objects, the preservative is also harmful after inhalation.
 Therefore, children aged 3 years should not play independently to prevent children from putting them into their mouths.
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