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About polymer clay
2019-09-25 15:03
Polymer clay -- also known as colored pottery, polymer clay, or barbecue clay.Polymer clay is a highly malleable synthetic clay that is lightly baked in an oven to produce a hard, brightly colored pottery handicraft.
Characteristics of polymer  clay
1. polymer clay is a green environmental protection product. The material of polymer clay itself is made of food-grade raw materials and some harmless dyes, softeners and other raw materials.        2. polymer clay  has better ductility, plasticity and gloss than other clays.Polymer clay is oily clay, does not dry in the air, do not rush to complete the work.                                             
3.polymer clay does not stick to the hand, does not stick to the table, very clean, multi-color free kneading, wonderful effect, combined with cloth, wood, metal, sequins, glass and other materials, will create an unexpected effect.

Application of polymer clay :
Polymer clay is a type of soil that must be baked in an oven.Application of different colors of polymer clay, simulation food can create strange combination, decorative picture frame, flowers, lamp act the role ofing, hair accessories, bags, mobile phone decoration, home act the role ofing, brooches, earrings, bracelets, necklace, hairpin shaped pendant, etc., or molded plastic characters, cartoon dolls, animals, plants, or even able to fabricate various varieties lifelike gorgeous flowers.Polymer clay itself material, is food packaging level plastic fat raw materials, plus some non-toxic dyes, softeners and organic solvents, is a non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating safety materials, you can feel at ease to use.Polymer clay is similar to plasticine in its viscosity and finish, which can be pinched into something delicate and delicate.Because it's non-toxic and tasteless, it's safe to wear it as a variety of ceramic ornaments.Making polymer clay needs to knead the soil, so as to make patterns, cut, paste, rub, bake, string and other steps.The most difficult part is the pattern making process. Any pattern you see is made by rubbing and cutting different clay.